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Yes. I notice that sometimes (not always like in bfv the m60...) 2/3 or higher will go clone. Droids got the droideka which isnt that powerful because of its weakness in moving, but the super battle droid is an ace class. Thats how an assault class should be, more HP, better firepower...
I think the droid class is more succesful, because

if you think "i want to just kill someone close combat/medium ranged" you go SBD

-while for other factions, most pick sniper/rockets/jet troopa

It's true the jet trooper is powerful, but his reloading times are slow. If you roll while he shoots, it affects you much less and you can shoot the slow-moing jet trooper (they move slowly in the air) easily with your blasters.
You just need to evade, and after that shoot.

But its great practice dealing with a majority. People shouldnt switch teams if they're on droid side, because thats ridiculous, just like the balancing system. (it shouldnt allow you to switch to other team if there are more/equal ppl there, thats a good system)

the point; CIS is a good faction, just needs practice. but it will be worth that in the end.
-you need practice evading/shooting with SBD
-you need practice with droideka, which is extremely weak if you don't really know what to do

If your clan only plays clones. What would happen then if once they HAVE to play droids?

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