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Originally posted by TheRealJedidude
Are there any other new area mods besides Ord Mandell
New areas won't grow on trees, because it takes a boatload (Supertanker) of time to make them, and if doing multiple linked areas you have to place them together as coherently as possible to give the feeling they belong together (Very hard to do). Not to mention the time it takes to hammer out storylines for quests, items, NPC's, dialogues, etc.

The other new areas I know of are;

[Shameless Plug]
Weebul and Utiinii's Scrap Emporium.
[/Shameless Plug]

As well as Maverick187's Shop and Jedi Training Arena. Exar Kun's Tomb by I forget who (Sorry). (These are all placed in the game.)

The Holowan Spire by Doom_Dealer. And the Arena Mod by I forget who (It could be Talchia). (I believe these are warp to only mods)

The links to these should be available in Kitty Kitty's List of Downloads Tools and Mods stuck thread or at pcgamemods.

I hope this helps!

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