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His grammer is pretty funny though. Trying to work out what he's saying hurts sometimes.

Noble Houses

All Houses in the Lahara Sector a ruled by a "First Lord", his heir is styled "Second Lord".

Aside From this Ranks are thus.

King: (None)
Earl: Example is Taklin Flax They control the loyalty of lesser Lords and can usually equip 12-24 Legions.

High Lord: Senior Nobles, most Second Lords hold a High Lord title. Usually have enough money to equip 6-12 Legions

Lord: Lesser Nobles, generally control small tracts of land, they usually have enough money to equip 2-6 Legions.

Lords are ranked by holdings, therefore if an Earl is impoverished and sells most of his land he ceases to be an Earl and becomes a High Lord or even just a Lord.

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