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Originally posted by Alegis
I don't see why not. It's not really clear and it placing a vote takes way too long (player list, select player, be lucky playerlist doesnt change, and click vote kick).

I don't see why pandemic released a voting system with it? No one wants to vote like this, if you can only vote if you're alive and it takes 10 seconds
Wow, that's almost as bad as the original Battlefield kick where you had to go to the player list and remember the player's ID number, then open the console and type kick # (but you could at least do it while dead).

The only good voting systems are one-button ones where a vote pops up and you can pick Yes or No instantly.

By the way, why would they make the player list/score list unavailable during death... that's pretty much the only time I'll look at it in other games to pass a few seconds, but in SW it's not an option. Dumb.
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