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On the PC side we are used to multiple player models within clases (also male or female). CTF and Domination are basic FPS Multiplayer we also come to expect and not included in Battlefront.

The current selection in SW:Battlefront suits the console market just fine. If it wasn't for some technical troubles in either of the console versions, I don't think there would be any complaints. Not mentioning the serious bugs, everything from level size to game types seems way too limited for the PC side.

That being said I am sure they are getting more grief from PC gamers than both console systems combined. There is a big reason why more developers like Pandemic moved to console development. Less technical hurdles per dollar to develop and earn. And Yes, when a console game is's alamost done. (I understand both consoles allow for small patch exceptions).

They (Pandemic) have released two small patches in as many weeks for the PC. It is a sign they are doing something. The word is there is a sizable patch in the works. It's for these collective reasons I give them credit.

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