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Nope, sorry, don't buy it. As far a features go, look at TimeSplitters 1 and 2, look at Unreal Tournament, look at even Quake 3. Older, ancient almost as far as the console market goes, all venerable console titles (Timesplitters exclusively so, I believe), and they incorperate everything this game should have. Multiple models, a variety of game types, and even, in the case of TS, a level editor. SWBF makes use of larger maps (and, yes, I understand the limit placed on the size and amount of architecture you can throw at a bugs the hell out of me, but it's an understandable sacrifice Pandemic had to make), and more players, but what we're talking about is not RESOURCE intensive, it's DEVELOPMENT intensive. I actually think that Pandemic and LEC did a pretty good job of bug hunting, I just think they narrowed the scope of what they were trying to accomplish with the game WAY too far. I understand where you're comming from, I've worked on a couple of mod teams for PC titles before. PC games generally greater flexibilty, and the capacity to be altered significantly. That being said, there is STILL no reason, other than a mad rush for September 21st, that the game needed to sacrifice all it did.
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