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What I don't get is where on Earth the PC demo is! Geez...

Anyway, Skellington is right about several things:

- Overall quality decreasing. This is just as visible in US cartoons (case of point: Dexter's Laboratory), which are horribly drawn and just oh-so-repetitive. And as for Star Wars games.. well, there have been some good titles like Knights of the Old Republic, but in general most of them suck. Admit it. You can do so without saying a word on Battlefront. Hints: Battle for Naboo.. I've never played a worse game.

- Standards decreasing. This goes with #1. Fans expect less and less, and when people complain they are met with idiocy like "come on, without the devs the game wouldn't even be out" and other fan boy assaults.

- Money over everything. X-Wing Alliance, which was superb, was rushed so badly because LA wanted to throw the crappy Battle for Naboo to the masses "just to cover Episode I". Grrr.

As for map size: I don't buy that. Have you played Final Fantasy lately (any of the games from VII and up). Geez, the PS2 uses DVD discs, for whoever's sake! If they can squeeze in a 90 hour long role-playing game like Final Fantasy X, they can squeeze in bigger maps.

On the PC side we are used to multiple player models within clases (also male or female). CTF and Domination are basic FPS Multiplayer we also come to expect and not included in Battlefront. The current selection in SW:Battlefront suits the console market just fine.
Seeing there are no other FPS games for consoles, according to people here, I have no trouble believing that it's the #1 FPS game for consoles.

Arachon, read what was actually being said and stop being such a fan boy. It's people like you who let LA get away with their low standards.


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