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Wow... In-freaking in-crud-able...

Originally posted by Mr. Fragster

I'll school you on any pc game with a mouse and keyboard. You obviously aren't any good with a controller( and obviously havn't ever even played a console fps online) or you'd know exactly how difficult it is to master analog aiming. A mouse is pretty damn easy to point and click; as long as youre familiar with the engine of the game you should be good at whatever it is. I've played HL since the beggining, and still do, all the Quakes, Tribes, RTCW, BF1942 and i say youre wrong. You want to see skills?? Go play Socom 2. Better yet play me in any game of your choice. I'm serious you name it I'll win. We can even register the match if youd like.
I agree with Hatelull.

Wow... How Rude lol schooling lol
pssst... secret..
Console online games blow compared to PC...
controlers suck exept in sports games..
I've Played em all on my XBox.
And Im always, always disapointed.
Consoles just don't have the same amount of depth to them as the PC games. They (console games) on average are dumbed down when looking at the same kind of game on a PC.
Wolfenstien, Clonewars or Rainbow 6 online are awful to name a few, when comparing to PC games.
FPS aiming with a controller is lame, most consoles have horrible control setups.
Also a mouse ain't point n click for games. The skill is to follow your target, and lead your shot to aim to hit the head or what ever.
On consoles they have auto aim or have a kind of preset spot to push up towards, in order to get a headshot for example.
Not that skillful....
Also online connections for consoles generally suck because of home hosted servers of some lame skillz, schoolin' dude on his couch.


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