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Ok I want to make sure of this so: In PTH terms:

Hal is an Earl, which is below The King. Allessa is also ranked below the King.

Under this then Allessa would be of lower rank then Vidar. Although she really wouldn't know that, since no one knows how the Aesir's government really works.


A little on the way the Aesir rulling system works:

The Aesir live in what can be caled the Aesirian Empire/Kingdom. The names can be used interchangeable. That said rankings and power. We start with the Royal Family.

Emperor/King: Rules the entire Empire/kingdom. Armies wise he has the full army and navy at his disposal. Vidar is now the emperor.

Queen: The Queen rules when the Emperor/king is away from the throne. As such she shares much of power. On a side note, the Frigg being the queen is Odin's most trusted advisor.

Crown Prince: The heir to Odin (aka Vidar). As such he takes on many duties to prepare himself for the job of rulling the nation. Many times Odin will give Vidar critical assignments that Odin himself would handle. Vidar also travels extensivly with his father. *Note: If the emperor is killed and the queen lives plus a prince the queen becomes the Queen mother and the Prince the Emperor/King. If only there is a princess the Queen rules and anyone she marries is ranked no higher then a prince*

Princes: They are next in line of power and if Vidar is killed with no heir the eldest prince takes power. Heimdall would be next in line.

Princesses: If all the princess are killed then the eldest princess takes over being Burnhilde (she being dead puts Svafa in that position).

That ends the royal family. Below them are:

Dukes and dutches: They govern a planet. They are assigned by the Emperor.

Earls/Counts and Countess They are the regional govenors on planets. Essentially they govern continents/hemispheres Assigned by a Duke

Viscounts: These would be provicional govenors (They are in charge of lands rougly the size of the US). Elected by the populace

Barons/Baronesses These are the head of the local governments. also elected

The use of the phrase Lord and Lady is used for the Royal family, its more of an informal address.

The Ruling Council: Made up of the royal family, Dukes and Duchesses. The council are 12 individuals who advise the Emperor and when the Royal family is off rule in their place.

Another side note: There is a lot of mobility in the society mainly through military service and achievements. Thus ends the political structure of the Aesir. Just a little note on the military of the Aesir.

The Aesir have 10 Knightly orders, and any aesir is free to join any of them each order emphasizes something different, from skill with a sword to use of the Futhark. May list them later. Anyways the Aesir military is divided into essentially four independent groups (each having their own starfighter squadrons, capital ships etc). Military service is seen among the Aesir as a duty, and while not mandatory all Aesir are part of the military in some form.

The Regular Army and navy: The regular army and navy is seen as a stepping platform for those who are seeking a pure military career. The regulars tend comprised mainly of Aesir who pursue other careers like being a scientist. This has caused the regular army/navy to not have one specific armor but rather actual uniforms.

Besersk They wear green armor with gold trim, usually with cape of similar design (green with gold hem). Beserks will tend to handle guard duty along the frontier. Compared to the regular army they would be special forces. Entrance to the Beserks is done by application from the regular army/navy. Overall leader C13: Beowulf, PTH: Ragnar

Einherjar: Their armor is dark blue and with silver trim, and is usually worn with a dark blue cape with a silver hem. The Einherjar are the best of the elite forces of the Aesir (aka the Beserks). To become an Einherjar you have to be chosen by a Valkyrie. Einherjar take on the most dangerous missions and guard the royal family. (more of an honorary role on Asgard and other Aesirian planets) Overall leader: C13: Sigurd. PTH: Viddall

Valkyries: This is an entirely woman orginization. Their armor is red with gold trim, like the Beserks and Einherjar their cape is red with a gold hem, for real formal occasions Valkyries wear skirts. Valkyries are Odin's messangers, watchers, hunters, intell among other things. Again highly skilled. Becoming a Valkyrie is like an Einherjar. New Valkyries are chosen by the leaders of the Valkyries (Odin's daughters). Overall leader: C13: Brunhilde, PTH: Svafa.

I may do military ranks and actual orginization of the military later.

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