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bowcaster - this one (IMO) is not worth using, with a slow fire rate and not that much damage
I have to disagree with ya there. I personally ahte being on reb team. But when I am I mainly pick the wookie for his bowcaster. The weapon damage/fire rate sucks totally. BUT..when ya charge that sucker up and let it go on the unsuspecting trooper around the corner it can kill in 1 hit.
As well firing the charged scatter shot from bowcaster has a long range and great at pinning down enemies that want to live.
Good example: Bespin platforms level...the main connector path between the 2 main Spawn points. If ya fire a charged up bowcaster it can reach straight across the pathway to the other spawn point.
BUT..bowcaster is best in either hallways for the 1 on 1 or on open field if ya have multiple troops coming to ya. Mind you, ya better have others there to attract those enemy troops coming. Or else they will zone on ya and KOS.

NOTE: Wookie extra health compared to other troops can be a lifesaver as well at times.

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