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Originally posted by MURS
quit bitching about the PC version not being good enough, because they spent too much time on the consoles.

Us Xbox owners, have never had a game of this kinda genre (i.e. bf1942) so it is huge step for us. The Xbox version of the game is smooth, and i don't have much gripe with it.
No we are not going to stop bitching about it. I'm really glad that you "xbox owners" finally got a bf:42 style game. Good for you! But guess what? A LOT OF US DON'T OWN XBOXES SO THAT POINT DOESN'T REALLY APPLY TO US NOW DOES IT?!?!?! Oh did I also mention that WE SPENT OUR FIFTY PLUS DOLLARS ON A GAME THAT HAS WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS TO MENTION?!?!? A GAME THAT WAS SHIPPED OUT UNFINSIHED!! This whole attitude of "buy our game now and we will fix it later" is not gonna fly anymore! So no, I will not "quit bitching about the PC version not being good enough"! Who the hell do yo think you are telling a whole group of consumers how we can and can not react to a product that we purchased?!?! If your happy with your xbox version..great! But don't tell us to quit bitching becasue we got short changed!
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