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Originally posted by Rends
you didnīt get the point right?
Read my first post!
I donīt like the idea that just after one empire was defeated the next one shows up around the corner...just in time.
There is enough confusion and chaos in the galaxy for the new and weak republic to deal with.
And i still have no plan to buy and read one of those books.

he he he. Rends, really, you should do some research before making silly comments. The YV turned up some 25 years after the ANH(IIRC).....The empire was well deferated at the end of ROTJ IMHO, thrawn was just a storm in a teacup..... One of the excellent things about the NJO was seeing the new republic(now called the GFFA) forge an alliance with the imperial remnant.

Also, if you have read Rogue Planet, a novel set during the time of anakin skywalkers jedi training, there is evidence in that book of events leading up to the YV invasion.

but still, you dont have to read the njo, but try avoid saying things without fully knowing about them, it will save you alot of hassle in life

Prime nice comment !

ET I can feel a card coming on for you sir


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