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Dagobahn Eagle, thanks for the support, nice to see it
About level size however, I think it actually does come down to the resources of a console. While the storage media of a DVD allows you to cram a ton of stuff onto it, Pandemic is really dealin with how much of that stuff you can throw on the screen at any one time. The problem is simply that you've got a cap of, what, 256 megs of ram on a PS2 (the weakest link in the chain), a slow CPU, and slow GPU. There's only so many polies, textures, particles, and lighting effects you can throw at that platform and expect it to perform. The bigger the level, the more draw distance issues to worry about, the more polies being pushed around by the GPU, and the more routines the CPU has to handle. Not owning the PS2 port (I do own the other 'em from one of the LEC guys ), I can't speak for what it looks like, but the lighting and particles alone on the Xbox are pushing what that console has done successfully in the past. Plus, I have heard something about this being run on a modified battlezone engine, which is a few years old. The problem is that after a while, you can only squeeze so many new things into an old engine and expect it to perform smoothly; it becomes neccessary eventually to just sit down and write a new engine which will do the things you want it to. So I don't blame them for their descisions about lobotomizing the locations and art resources to fit the PS2. And, as I said, I think they actually did a good job of bug hunting and squashing...what IS in the game seems to work fine most of the time.
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