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Thumbs up Jedi of the Old Code... RPing clan...

Greetings Friends,

My name is Ric D'Sunga, Jedi Master and Councilor of Jedi of the Old Code. If you are interested to learn about the path of becoming a Jedi, or if you are interested to role-play within the Star Wars universe, please kindly check out our website and see if you are interested to become part of this community.

We have our own dedicated server which can host up to 29 players at once, and each members will be given your own jediofoldcode email address!

Hope to see you inside the Jedi Temple soon! and May the Force be with you all always!

P.S. yes, we are a JKA based clan

Ric D'Sunga
Jedi Master & Councilor
Jedi of Old Code
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