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Originally posted by MURS
Ummm making the game "console friendly" The last i heard this game was originally designed for the consoles... so it's more like they made the mistake of have a PC version.... so in other words, quit bitching about the PC version not being good enough, because they spent too much time on the consoles.

Us Xbox owners, have never had a game of this kinda genre (i.e. bf1942) so it is huge step for us. The Xbox version of the game is smooth, and i don't have much gripe with it.
I use the term "console friendly" (as I imagine most of us use it) as a derrogatory term for a PC game that has been "dumbed down" to better fit the console market.

That's how this game feels. I never said it wasn't designed with consoles in mind, that's the whole point!

It seems to me the corners they cut with the PC version didn't need to be made, EXCEPT for the fact that LucasArts rushed this game out the door to make the Sept 21st DVD release deadline. Considering console games always stand to make more money (lowered expectations, inflated prices and longer shelf life) it makes sense that they'd focus on the console versions and just do a straight port for the PC.

Let's put aside the bugs and crashes for a minute. What's with the lack of features? I mean, 20-30 fps cap? A poorly done server browser? No rcon for admins? Not even a console?

C'mon, pc gamers expect more. You can't expect to release a game in the condition this one was in on the pc market and not get complaints.

If this was a bargain bin title you'd see lavish praise at how high quality it was, but this is a big bugdet, high profile Star Wars release that was supposed to be the ultimate simulation of the Star Wars movie battles. So it's not surprising you'd get some criticism.

And you're right about the console market. You literally have nothing to compare this game to, and it must be incredibly awesome. In the PC market we have at least a half dozen games like this, and dozens of games that do many of the same things better (albeit most of them don't have the Star Wars liscense behind them), so yes, we are spoiled. If you're used to eating steak, a bologna sandwich just isn't the same.

This isn't a BAD GAME, far from it, but it could have stood to be a GREAT GAME on the PC if they'd been given more time to polish it and add features & options that pc gamers have come to expect.

It's good that they are working on patching the game, it really is. Hopefully they can make up for some of the disappointment.

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