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For LA BF:1942 sales were hard to ignore.
Pandemic already had experience making vehicle and troop entity games. They were a natural pick for this game. I don't believe the PC port was an easy sell if it wasn't for the overwhelming sales of BF:1942 and its subsequent Expansion packs = $$$
Of all the dev time, I bet the PC chewed allot more time/resources than its console counterparts. For me the basic oversites in the PC version reflect this. The consoles were priority ONE. Get the PC version out and see how it does. Now the PC version is chewing up even more time to get it functional.

You guys should do a search for Pandemic interviews regarding SW:BF. They are pretty telling now in hindsight since the game was released.
"Are there going to be tools and modifications allowable on the PC version?" response "We're going to wait and see" So if the PC sales hold up, we can hope to see meaningful updates and possible of expansion packs.

One thing we can all agree on is that the PC version has allot of promise and potential.

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