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Let me share my own experience. I have no router, but I do have a firewall (how can you not in this day and age). It does not block outgoing connections, but it does block incoming connections. The only incoming ports I have open for this game are:

UDP and TCP 3658
UDP and TCP 3659
UDP and TCP 27900
UDP and TCP 6500

I am also allowing IP which is from GameSpy and based on the domain name, appears to be for stats .

That confirms what vwjoker states above. I can't say for certain that every one of those ports is necessary, but I can say for certain that (last I checked) our server was visible and able to be connected to from the in-game browser, GameSpy, the All-Seeing Eye, and XFire. As far as latency goes, there are spikes when new players join the server and when the map changes. Those are SWBF server-related performance issues that Pandemic needs to work out. Hope that helps.

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