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wow tough guy you win ha ha.
Fragster how can you spew garbage.
You say its not true um ok.
Most consoles do have auto aim (selectable) so don't give me that they don't. I have a xbox/live and gamecube and over 40 games. The Xbox sits in the corner and gamecube for freinds to play when they visit. Xbox online isn't as good as pc mp online.
PS2 ummm no thanks.
Consoles do some things right (single player, kids games, sports ect) but really, compared to PC they don't do MP FPS right. Period.
SWBF needs work big time, but a PC game wins every time for online play for FPS.
Come on 50 players or even 32 vs 16.
MODS is also a big plus for the online PC, but you must know this as you said you played CS.
Its not hard to figure out.
I ve been playing all the big MP online FPS's for years and years.
You look like a clown saying your going to school everyone.
And lose respect big time.

hasso is red stance

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