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Originally posted by Sivy
i read vector prime and i didn't like it one bit. now people tell me that the NJO gets better after that, which is probably true.
unfortunately I canít get over how much I didnít like VP... I just canít read anymore books in the NJO series.

i've never been a fan of star trek and from what i read from VP, and from what people tell me, that's what the NJO has become.

which is fine if you like that sort of thing. i respect other peopleís opinions. just because i think it crap doesn't mean it is crap, it just means I think its crap. tastes differ, it would be boring otherwise.
thats just crazy and lazy VP is all about introducing the characters, places and objects of the NJO. To judge the NJO based on VP is just damn silly ! Thats liek someone saying, "yeah I saw ANH, and I hated it, I never will watch the other movies just because ANH was crap" and we all know they'll be missing out on ESB(which we all love), ROTJ and AOTC.... There are some excellent books in the series. Evem ones that focus on single characters, liek Corran Horn, or the Solo twins. The NJO has a depth no other SW lit effort has ever managed to accomplish. The finale, the unifying force is just amazing............. Luke fighting with two sabers against the YV badass.....sounds boring ... ???

BTW Siv, I suggest you step aside and make ME the EU forum badass !


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