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Re-mapping the DF keys?

Hey peeps,
I'm running Dark Forces on Windows XP. I can't get it to 'install', but I've copied the files to my HDD and it's running fine.

Thing is, I can't find an option anywhere to redefine the keys. Or, for that matter, to tell me where the keys actually all are.
I thought it may be in the 'configuration' section, but that's just showing me the display settings and a joystick calibration option.

And yes, I've got the original DF cd, but I got it on Ebay and it came without the instructions, just the CD & Jewel case.

In particular, I'm after binding mouselook to a key (I've read it's possible, but no-one's said what key it's on as default).

So yeah... any thoughts?
Cheers in advance...


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