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ffff, each to their own, mate, calm down. Just because it's not you, doesn't mean it's completely shallow, and although there are a tonne of teenbopper goth kiddies that love up SLG, doesn't mean that that's all they're about. Yeah, it's not high reading to change your outlook on life or anything, but I wouldn't put Sam and Max in that category either. Sam and Max is very well done, clever and original (or was when it came out) but it's still pretty much a twisted gag strip.
So it would fit kinda well in a lineup of, well, twisted gag strips.

I said SLG not becuase of the 'OMG NNY IS SO COOL ROFFLE' bollocks, but becuase of the comics I've seen on the stands recently, the only ones that it would fit with seem to be Oni, possibly Dark Horse and SLG, and on the stuff I've sampled from each company, SLG was the one that felt most likely to be into the kind of humour in Sam and Max. Yes, there are some of the even more indy ones, but I was thinking of ones that are immediately known.

Granted, I would rather have Darkhorse have it, but it doesn't seem the kind of book for them so much to me. Likewise with Oni.
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