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Originally posted by Boba Rhett
Rends... I... I think I'm in love with you.
BAH ! Rends, see what you've done ! you've bought all the njo haters out of their little sordid burrows... ET, Siv, Prime, now even Rhett has been enticed from his barn....

a man your age should know better

SW lit EU needed a new direction, so many stories had been done on :
*clones of emperor, thrawn, clones of stormtroopers !
*mastermind warlords ... Zsinj, Thrawn
*Superweapons.... Darksaber, unused DS prototype, galaxy gun, sun crusher


even the search for a new generation of jedi had started with the 'Jedi Academy' trilogy.... I just cant see how people can say "ugh ! its not SW !" Of course the njo is not freakin movie type SW, which is what things like the thrawn trilogy is a re-hash of... inevitably, it has to come back to the characters, NJO offered exploration of many great characters, ranging from Mara and Jaina, to Jacen and Vergere, not to mention Nom Anor.....In addtion all the old faves(Luke, Han, Leia etc) got a good run too as far as some examination of their characterisations... I really look forward to the post NJO books, because they will owe alot to the work that was done by the NJO authors...


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