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Here i made most of it in a list,

  • Server browser:
  • 1) Should display PLAYERS - NAME - MAP - PING
  • 2) A 'stop' button for the server browser
  • 3) Make scrollbar (right) dragable with the mouse
  • move up/move down button in rep gunship. Instead of pointing the mouse up and going up i would love to have a "go up/down" button instead
  • Increase blaster/pistol damage (even slightly would be very nice)
  • Air vehicles (like air speeders, xwing) shoudn't be able to slow down and shoot infantry easily (looks ridiculous as well, except republic gunship). Just a lil balance issue
  • TAB menu. Holding it down will always display it (while running or respawning.
  • Kills/Deaths/CP table, instead of only showing it when killing etc, make it always appear in the left
  • different speed for classes (even if its slightly), scouts go faster (since they got weaker need a little advantage to run away) and heavy weapons slower (so they're not as fast as infantry, and cant be easily used against infantry).
    A blaster is less heavy than a big rocket pack
  • Decrease vehicle splash damage vs infantry

  • In SP, when i played historical it wouldnt remember my brightness settings when i click on restart mission. Actually, in the brightness bar it would be correct; but display something else unless i click on the bar again
  • When in (sniper) zoom mode, you'll still have the scope when the VICTORY appears
  • After it says a server is full, it displays the in-game browser for a second, and then back to JOIN/CREATE. I would like to have it go to the browser instead
  • The respawn timer is strange. If you want to join another spawn instead, sometimes it will start again from 12 and sometimes it will continue. Please make it 'continue' instead rather than restarting
  • Jump bug screenshot
  • When a spawn is taken over, vehicles get destroyed. However, those next to an R2droid dont get destroyed (eg an ywing on bespin)

Requested new features
  • Server browser:
  • 1)Search a server (or player: the ability to find a server or player by a word or two
  • 2)Favorites
  • voice tauntsbetter) voice taunts please, with sound etc. The commands now arent too good though.
  • buddy system: The ability to add a buddy so you see his name in a different color on the radar and map. Extremely helpful feature
  • Make crouch and prone affect aim (better aim)
  • heroes should do a short duel, or leave the battlefield and only one of em returns
  • I beg of you, a balancing system. 'You can't join a team with more players 'etc., but you can switch to the team with lesser players
  • A voting system. based on who votes. If majority of voters agree, make vote go in effect. A shortcut button for vote yes and vote no
  • Save secondary weapon choice. As a pilot, i always run around with medpack selected in secondary weapon. When i die and respawn, its back to the fusioncutter. I'd like swbf to remember the last secondary weapon choice
  • Health bar or at least a button to call for medic/ammo, and i can see an icon over their head. ATM as a pilot i dont see why i should run after em and beg em to accept my packs. If you include these icons i would heal em etc
  • Display on top of the HUD how many players on each team

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