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Originally posted by SyntheticGerbil
You guys are ****ing dumb. Why the **** would Steve Purcell team up with Slave Labor Graphics? He's like a fifty year old man! You think he has time to waste with that company full of adolescent goth ****s. God ****ing damn I hate Slave Labor. They just cater over and over with the same ruthless bull**** derivatives of Johnny the Homocidal Maniac because dumb kids who shop at Hot Topic think just because a comic is on an indie label and has some ****ing pansy character on the front with deep black recessed eyeballs, then its cool. There's no substance. **** comics.

Also I wish Evan Dorkin had nothing to do with Slave Labor.
Stereotyping is for Dip****s, not that goths don't flock to the label like fists to a woman who doesn't know when to shut up. Everything else you said was pretty dead on. Kudos.

Oh yeah, and if I bet if I used long droned out sentences laced with high-brow words, I could start a cult full of goths, and later lead them to suicide, which they want to do so sorely, but for some reason never succumb to. Who want's to take me up on this bet?

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