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Blood Hunt - Rules, discussion, and OOC.

Blood hunt
Rules, Details, Outline
Shadow Wars

1- No Godmoding.

2- No Out Of Character (OOC) posting in the story thread. All OOC posting goes in this thread.

3- You may only control one character.

4- You may not control NPCs or each otherís characters. I control the NPCs.

5- Your character has to be either a vampire or a werewolf.

6- Your character can die, and you can kill other characters. To kill another character or to die not only must the circumstances be appropriate but I and the character being killed must be informed. The actual kill post will be posted by myself. You may not post a kill yourself but have to first request it in this thread.

7- Everyone who joins has to post at least once every two days and may not post more than once a day. If your unable to post please post in this thread that you wonít be able to post. If you donít post for a whole week I will kill your character. If you are unable to post at least once every two days let me know and an exception can be made provided you agree to post as often as you can.

8- There will be an ingame clock, stay within the timeframe. That means you canít travel halfway across the city in a single post. Depending on the circumstances most people should be going at the same speed, but some people may be dueling or something and be in a separate timeframe from everyone else. At the top of each of my posts will be the current time and other timezones for other players whose names will be specified. Donít act outside the boundaries of your timezone.

9- If someone thinks something someone else wrote is cheap, unrealistic, impossible, etcÖ Post your complaint in this thread and we will discus it and correct it if necessary.

Okay, the rules are laid out, hereís how to make your character. Fill out the profile below choosing one of the available options in (quotations) where listed and filling out the rest on your own. Heed the special notes in [brackets].

Gender: (male, female)
Age: [no one may be older than 200]
Race: (werewolf, vampire)
Faction: (Swords of Silverwood, Black Illusion.) [If you chose to be werewolf your faction is Ė Swords of Silverwood, if you chose to be vampire your faction is Ė Black Illusion.]
Rank: (Hunter, Scout, Soldier, Engineer, non-combatant)
Skills: [make up any skills you want, everyone may have three skills of their own conjuring to be particularly good at, everything else no one has an advantage at over other players. If, and you may, you have the same skill(s) as another player your both equal strength at that skill.]

here are the abuilities each race has:
werewolves: (1) can change to wolf form at will (Takes one turn) (2) have increased physical strength in wolf form(3) can jump fifty feet in wolf form(4) can transform a human into a werewolf with one bite (transformation takes one full day) (5) heal minor wounds in one hour, major wounds in six hours, and mortal wounds in 24 hours in human form (6) heal minor wounds in 15 minutes, major wounds in 1.5 hours, and mortal wounds in 12 hours in wolf form. (7) can use their claws to climb walls in wolf form.

Vampires: (1) can jump 20 feet (2) heal minor wounds in 30 minutes, major wounds in three hours, and mortal wounds in 18 hours. (3) can transform a human into a vampire with one bite (transformation takes one full day) (4) stronger than a werewolf's human form but not a wolf form.

Thatís all there is to making your character.

Here is some information on the two factions so you can better decide which you want to be.

The Black Illusion have total control of the city. But they are weak because they have been unchallenged for so long. Also they donít know that the werewolves have even settled in the city. The Swords of Silverwood have only recently settled in the city and so their weakness is a lack of knowledge of the terrain, but they have the element of surprise and hope to someday overthrow the Black Illusion.
The Black Illusionís goal is just to maintain their control of the city, they are used to occasional minor threats like the odd rouge vampire or werewolf, but they are mostly laid back and just enjoy life.
The Swords of Silverwood will try for as long as possible to keep a low profile and if any do get caught hope that the vampires will only believe it to be an odd appearance, nothing more. Also with clever tactics and deception they hope to seize control.

The conflict between these two factions wonít be completely resolved in this story, rather this story will only be the first chapter of the story.

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