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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Thats liek someone saying, "yeah I saw ANH, and I hated it, I never will watch the other movies just because ANH was crap" and we all know they'll be missing out on ESB(which we all love), ROTJ and AOTC....
exactly, someone can watch ANH and hate it and we can say, 'but try watching the others you might change your mind' but they wont because if they hated the first one so much, why would they want to watch anymore of them.
if you didn't like lethal weapon, then chances are you wont like lethal weapon 2, 3 and 4 either... even though by the time its got to 4 its a total different film, its gone from a dark action film to a Rom Com.
if you went into a Chinese takeaway and ordered something you hadn't tried before and it made you sick, you wouldn't order it again, even if its from a different restaurant.

i could think of more analogies if you want
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