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Sounds Interesting.

Name: NeoVenom
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Werewolf
Faction: Swords of Silverwood
Rank: Hunter
Skills: NeoVenom can gain speed while running in human form and can gain even faster speed in werewolf form. He knows many Kung-Fu styles and can transform slightly faster than the fellow comrades.

Wanted to add his description. He wears all black and in back on his trench coat, there'z a Snake wrapping itself around a sword and shield that are vertical. He has light brown hair, a little bit past his ears and brown eyes. Fairly built. He also has two hidden blades that extend from his coat's arm (If that'z alright.) The weapon he carries will be told as soon as I figure out the limitations.

What are the limitations on what guns and bullets we can carry?

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