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Thanks for joining guys.

Okay, I know I was pretty vague about the skills but I meant things like, martial arts, sniper rifles, knife combat, running, jumping...stuff like that.

Sorry Evil Dark Jedi but Charok can not sprout wings from his back. And jumping a hundred meters is a bit too much. If you want to convert meters to feet a meter is three feet. When I did long jump at a track and field competition people could jump around ten feet with a run. If you want your character to be able to jump extra far I would say fifty feet. That's enough to jump from one building across a city street to another building, sound fair?

And Darth Neovenom, all the werewolves can transform at will, if you want to make an abuility you could be able to transform faster.

And for both of you, you get three abuilities, not just two.

I'll edit my above post to include abuilities that each race already has, anything not listed you can't do. So sprouting wings would not be listed so no one can sprout wings. Transforming into a wolf at will is listed as a werewolf abuility so all werewolves can transform to wolf form at will.

Edit: try to keep your abuilities in the physical relm as apposed to the supernatural relm. No single vampire would be able to do something supernatural that no other vampire could do. Same goes for werewolves.

Edit: Another thing about the timeline, you guys don't post time above your posts, whatever time was posted in mine is what time it is.

And evil dark Jedi, don't worry about things like where the group is going, remember I control the group and I'll post were they're going. You just play your character but feel free to ask anything you want out of character in this thread. If you want to go a certain way, make your character say he wants to go that way, but you can't control what the rest of the group will do. Please just edit your post.

Edit: Evil dark jedi, I made vincent as Charok's partner to help guid you around until your familiar with things. It's also just safe for everyone to have a partner in case something goes wrong.

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