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Name: Valhadris
Gender: Male
Age: 127
Race: Werewolf
Faction: Swords of Silverwood
Rank: Hunter
Skills: Made a werewolf at 14, use to living his entire life as a werewolf. Results are: Rapid transformation: Can turn and make an attack/move in the same turn, and extra strength. Over 100 years of intense sabre ( Napoleonic/Civil war era sword ) training, allowing him to block shots from pistol level firearms. Intense evasion training, allowing him evade attacks, aim, and sometimes even bullets.

He stands about 6'5 in human form, and is physically in his early 30's. He is one of the oldest Werewolves in Silverwood, and knows nearly every member by name and face. He is calm, and patient, learning from many years of experience, that getting enraged, and charging head on, will often get you killed.

His hair is black, and his eyes are green. He is excellent physical condition. Being made a werewolf at such a young age, has offered him increased strength in both human and werewolf form.

Over the years, he has developed a great hatred of Vampires, as he has watched many of his friends suffer at there hands. Nothing could make him happier than to rip all of there fangs out one, by, one.

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