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Hey thanks for joining Hiroki, now lets talk about some minor adjustments to your character.

well first of all a hunter basically only goes on special hunting missions kind of like an assasin.

a soldier just does regular soldier stuff.

a scout does recon and intel missions, or spying, stuff like that.

and an engineer is a scientist or stuff like that.

Rapid transformation is fine, tough skin however isn't a skill. A skill is something a person learns to do, like reading or writing, fighting, or using tools. Try and find something like that. And it's not neccessary for something to count as two skills, I would rather it just be toned down.

I also didn't include bio in the character creation because I'dd rather you describe your character in your writing, like in a real book they don't tell you what the character looks on the first page and then not describe anything all through the book.

But it's fine if you want to, it does help you decide what type of character you want to play so I guess it's good in that way.

Okay so Hiroki, you can't have harder skin and you need to pick two more skills.

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