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((OOS: Scar, it's spelled Karathi, and it is not called the Karathi guild. It's just that former Karathi are running it.

Hm, maybe we should figure out how the assassin guild insignia looks, since we didn't name them.

If anyone can think of something, post it in the discussion thread. [Scar, BD: The marijuana leaf is not an acceptable symbol. ]))

Nar Shadda

*Riss' transport emerges from hyperspace and heads towards Nal Hutta's dilapidated moon. It heads into the atmosphere and a little ways through the broken-down 'vertical cities' before reaching the decayed, blaster-blackened skeleton of what had once been a great tower*

Riss: The Assassin Tower of the Karathi. I have not set foot here since the Galactic Civil War.



Aren: We haven't sent your friend anywhere. She left with you, and we haven't seen her since.

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