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Originally posted by richcz3
Whats funnier is how little George is involved in the looks of his main characters. Your avatar (General Grievous) had his beginings in a spray bottle top submitted by one of his character artists. Yoda's look and height wasn't settled on until pre production started on return of the Jedi. Before production the Director had envisioned Yoda being nine foot man. I've always wondered how well these stories were/are fleshed out especialy the first three episodes.

by the way, just saw the creating gg webdoc and grievous WAS NOT created from a spray bottle top. that was used in a different grievous concept that didn't make it past the first approval. and the thing about yoda being 9 feet tall is also false. look at the concept art. it looks just like yoda little and green.

so your argument is completely wrong.
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