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Name: Valsavis

Age: 260

Alignment: Lightside, Republic

Race: Valsavis is an alien-force user, descended from a race of near-humans called Quottil who appear human in all ways except that glowing 'ley lines' of energy criss-cross their bodies, just under the skin, and create swirling designs the more force they are drawing on. The older and more experienced the Quoittil, the more pronounced these tattoo-like lines become. His race is strongly allied with the Republic, and often work side by side with the Jedi Order, though they are few and far between and often considered a curiosity among the Jedi. "Dark" Quottil develop glowing red and violet lines, while "Light" Quottil develop blue and white lines. All Quottil are force-sensitive, but only the 'warriors' and 'priests' (the two are sometimes hard to distinguish, and despite discovering inter-stellar travel, they are still a tribal race) train rigously in it's use. All Quottil can communicate telepathically via the force with any sentient race, though they can speak normally when they choose.

Valsavis is tall and thin, with shocking white spiky hair and grey eyes. His skin-tone is ridiculously pale, and criss-crossed with glowing blue-white lines that form into swirling patterns when he uses the force. He most often wears drab black or all-white attire to best accenuate the color of his "ley" lines.

Rank:As an 'exchange student' of sorts, Val carries an 'honary' title of Jedi Knight, though himself is not a Jedi and indeed was never part of a Jedi/Padawan relationship (things are done differently on his homeworld).

Lightsaber: As what turned out to essentially be a science project, Val built and designed himself a lightsaber after his first visit to the Jedi Academny, though most of his race never bother (and in fact had never heard of the concept before joining the Republic). Among his own kind, it is not seen as a badge of honor as it is among the Jedi. His lightsaber has a long, thin black handle, a glowing blue-white blade, and while it is not a double-bladed saber lenses are placed on each end that allow him to generate the blade from either side.

Force Powers:Emptiness, Suggestion, Telekinesis, Jump, Speed, Absorb Energy, Healing, Telepathy

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