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hmm, seems to me like this thread brought out all the baddies...

NJO... well, NJO is well worth reading, i have to agree with some of you guys like Phreak and Shok, when you say the same plot would start to get old...

It seems like that is all star wars has been about since the time of TPM, i mean, all these uprisings and rotations of government and more uprisings and more rotations of government...

I was aching for something new... NJO brings that to us, it offers a new insight to what the SWG entails, rather than civil war, it is an intergalactic war. People unite more under one cause, that is what NJO seems to be, a galaxy(although split) who are all trying to save their ____(is that ok ET?)_____ against a common enemy...
I do have to say i enjoy the more "classic" time frame and early EU, but this is refreshing,


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