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Originally posted by Alegis
Well "force powers cant be used on them", does it work like the ysalamiri (they neutralise force effects in an environment) or only their body? Cause else you could just lift heavy objects and throw em or smash em with it....

Jedi got pwned by "normal" droids as well. There's no need for a new ARCH ENEMY that seems to be INDESTRUCTABLE
Just shows what little people know when they refuse to read on. The Vong may not be able to be affected by the force directly, but Jedi can use the Force to affect the surroundings. For example, Tahiri used the force to increase the pressure (or something, I forget) in the room she was in and almost managed to kill an entire room of Vong.

And the Yuuzhan Vong are far from

If you read on, they start to get their asses kicked. I especially liked it when the Lusankya showed up. That was awesome.
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