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Jokemaster, everyone does have basic skills, your skills are only specific skills that you are better at. Seeing better in the dark however is not a skill you may not have that. There is no form of training that can make someone see better in the dark, like I said skills not unnatural abuilities. Other than that everything else is okay.

Curt-man, your character is okay, I'm not sure how fast 25 miles an hour is but running faster is fine we get too tecknical about how many mph.

Darth Neovenom, Vampires and Werewolves are practically the same as far as imortality and healing, except that werewolf human form is alittle weaker and werewolf wolf form is a little stronger. Penetrating their organs to the point where regeneration is imposible is the best way to kill an imortal.

Edit: Curt-man, don't control NPCs. The waiter is fine but not the guy who came with you. The other thing is you can't just go into the weapons locker and grab stuff, theres a guy at the counter and you need authorization. If you've seen the movie S.W.A.T. you'll have a general idea of how it works. The werewolves however arn't as organized and just have a pile of guns in an armory. The vampires are alot more organized.

You can however sneak out with your own private guns if you want, and if you want an NPC to tag along I'll give you permission but please ask first next time. Also you'll have to wait for the others to leave the girage before you can take your car or they'll see you.

I think a good idea would be to make this NPC tag along a friend of your character's or something, just a sujestion though you don't have to.

Jokemaster, please only post once a day I'll let it slide this time. And the group of scouts are still in the girage, they haven't left the mansion yet.

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