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11:10 PM - Day 1


Vincent smiled at Charok, "I'm good too," Then Vincent saw Winters aproach. "Oh, hey Winters glad you made it, I got permission for you to come with Charok and I. I know it's only supposed to be groups of two but since your new the leader agreed." Vincent started to explain the mission, "Okay so every night the scouts go in pairs to their safe houses where two other scouts will be waiting. When we get there the other scouts come back home. We stay at the safe house for the night and the next night the two scouts we relieved come back to relieve us. The cycle goes like that. And when we're at the safe house we have to go check up on all the human facilities under vampire control in the area to make sure they're working properly, otherwise our soldiers bust some caps, get it? Theres nothing to it, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Stuff only goes wrong once in a while but then the job gets real interesting."

By now most of the others had started up their cars so Vincent opened his car's door, "Get in you two." Once they were all in the group headed out and each team of scouts started towards their safe house.

"Do either of you guys have any questions before we get to our safe house?"



As Neovenom grabs his guns some other hunters enter the armory and grab various guns to each one's own choosing.

One of them aproaches Neovenom, "Hey are you Neovenom?" He recognizes Neovenom before the other werewolf can answer, "Wow, your a pretty old hunter, I've heard of you. It's nice to meet you, I'm Seth." Seth extends his hand to shake Neovenoms.

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