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Arrow Updates....

Originally posted by Darth333
Here is a site taht contains many of the modifications that were made - there are also come pics to compare the original version with the new one - you can really see the general cleanup that was made:
A good site, though some of that info needs to be updated... ALL of the "rumored" changes in the rumored sections have so far been proven false (well except for the thing about "matte paintings looking more realistic" which is a matter of opinion but I don't notice any difference and Palpy's "lightning being fixed" which may or may not be just due to the film restoration process).

Yes, Vagabond, Luke's saber is green in most of ANH but blue throughout ESB. As far as color gaffes I noticed a couple of frames where Vader's saber was actually orange in ESB!

Updated the list with some more changes!

Edit: I see THAT site has been updated too, kudos to them!


Okay, I found a great article by Chris Gould of that covers a lot more changes that aren't in my list, including Audio changes (down the page).

I'll have to add these later, but don't have time right now.

Check it out, below!

I look forward to reading his takes on ESB & ROTJ.


Updated some things. I've run to the limit of images I can put into a single post, so here's the Naboo shot that was added into the end celebration of ROTJ. It actually appears to be a shot taken from Episode I and reversed (thanks to JediNet for spotting this), with a crowd and some gungans digitally inserted to replace the battledroids and Trade Federation tanks in the original shot.


Chris Gould of DVDAnswers has posted his analysis of ESB changes and the main post has been updated accordingly!

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