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First, note this little fight is not going to last very long. (Or Admiral will kill me.) So this is really all for just one or two posts or so.

Okay, what the attackers can do, and what you can do to them: (Assuming as well you know who's attacking you from my post/s XD)

For Everyone:

They are all resistant to telekinesis, so you can't Force-pull guns, etc, away. Force powers may or may not work, so don't post assuming they do.


1) Eudoxia: (Guy's sister) Blasters will bounce off leaving a small burn. Same for lightsabers. Using physical force on her is unlikely to work, she's very strong.

2) Kyrill: (Guy's brother) See Eudoxia.

3) White Trenchcoat Man: Blasters will harm him, and so will lightsabers, but good luck hitting him. He is very fast and agile. Plus he can defy gravity (walk on perpendicular surfaces). Get hit by his bullets, and you're screwed [they're enchanted and will severely injure you.]

4) Elf With Satchel and Wand: Blaster bolts will bounce off. Don't expect to safely get within melee range.

5) Gray Armor Being: Basically a tank. Blasters, lightsaber useless. Slower than the others, though.

6) Lizardman: Shielded. Hit him, you get zapped. Blaster bolts bounce off.

7) Girl In Blue: Blaster-shielded. Don't expect to safely get within melee range.

8) Dark Elf: See above.

9/10) Orcs: Blaster-shielded. Morningstar is enchanted, a hit will stun, and it can't be cut by a lightsaber. The stun-gun...well...stuns. Less so if you're a Force user.

11) Animals: Are armored, can't be easily injured, except in the mouth, etc. The Force will work on them but they are fierce brutes so it may not do as good of a job as you might think.

12) Yellow Gargoyle: There's a shield based in his shoulder cannon. Getting hit by the cannon shots would have about the same effect as having a whole string of blaster bolts pumped into you. (Hence pulse cannon)

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