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Red: Hal is using a really big, powerful and sharp sword in a downward hack, two handed. The sword has the power of the living force pulsing through the blade and he is using the force to power his swing.

Under normal circumstances this would be a death blow.

Against plasteel, death blow.

Against Agamarian Steel, a really big dent.

Against Mithril, less of a dent, but still enough that you'll want to be seeing an armourer after the battle.

I'll briefly explain Agamarian armour and weapons now.

In general the metal used in armour, fittings, horse bardings, etc is Agamarian Steel. This is actually an alloy which conbines several metals to create a very strong material that is also relativly light. Three of the components are steel, cortosis and a small amount of silver. The alloy is general dull grey, therfore ceremonial armour is silver plated.

As far as strength goes the Agamarian Steel is Second only to Dwarf Steel (Mithril). The major disadvantage versus Mithril though is the weight, Agamarian Steel is considerably heavier, though still much lighter than other metal armour; it's weight falls between that of plasteel and conventional high carbon steel.

Most melee weapons are made of a high quality version of Agamarian Steel, better able to hold an edge and much less likely to break. Both weapons and armour will deflect lightsabers but they will probably be ruined.

The swords used by the ruling houses are something different. Like normal weapons they are pattern welded but after the forging process is completed the structure of the metal is altered by a powerful force surge being sent through the blade. These weapons will never break, never need sharpening and can actually conduct the force, if the user is strong in the Living Force, that is. When two such blades meet there will be sparks.

The first instance of these weapons we see is in Cantina 7, they later make a re-appearece during the vampire episode.

These weapons are incredibly sharp and are capable of punching through mithril, on ocasion.

As to the other thing:

Admiral: thanks

Red: Figures

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