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Jokemaster, your character lived on the streets, not in a cave. There are lots of lights on the streets even at night, and lets not forget about the moon. You'dd have to endure much harsher treatment for it to affect your eyes. In the meantime you'll just have to use night vision gogles, but they arn't standard eaquipment.

Please just pick a different abuility, one that's acctually a skill. And since your going along with the scouts you might as well change your rank to scout, if you want to become a soldier later you can change it back.

Besides vampires can already see better in the dark than humans and I doubt very many circomstances will arise where your going to need to see any better than a regular human.

Curt-man, your post makes sense and it's okay.

Evil Dark Jedi, that's fine I'm not going to get upset or anything if stuff like that happens now and then, I realise your just kids. I only really need any notification if it's going to happen regularily.

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