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11:20 PM - Day 1


Anthony was waiting at the main gate, he wore a brown leather jacket and grey jeans and held an AK-47 in his hands, a deagle was holstered under his jacket and a knife hidden in his boot.

Anthony held his hand out in a still wave when he saw the others. After the five hunters had gathered around Anthony he took out a map of the city. "This is where we are now," He said pointing at the norther section of the city, "The vampires have safe houses in three circles around the city, an outer circle, inner circle, and center circle." Anthony drew three imaginary circles with his finger to show the three circles. "The closest safe house to us is in the outer circle right here," Anthony pointed just above where he had pointed there location to be. "But we're going to travel to a safe house a little further away so as not to give away our base's position," Anthony slid his finger over an inch on the map. "This is where we'll attack," Anthony put the map away and looked at his watch, "They should be arriving there now."

Anthony then handed everyone a walky talky, "No chatter on these, they're for emergencies or if we separate so we can stratagise okay. Now follow me." Anthony headed through the main gate and the others followed him, "Any questions about the mission?" Anthony asked as they walked along the muddy underground passeges.


Vincent parked the car in the Safe house's double girage beside another car, Charok and Winters headed into the safe house and Vincent started to grab some gear from the trunk. Inside the safe house lounge area was a sofa three cusions long and a sofa chair beside it turned at an inward angle. A lamp sat on a small desk in between the sofa and sofa chair.

As Charok sat down another vampire came into the room he nodded at Charok and Winters before walking into the girage. "Vincent, hows it going?"

"Not to bad, here," Vincent handed the other vampire a bag, "Help me carry my gear inside."

Vincent and the other vampire carried the gear inside and placed it on the floor by the girage door to the lounge. The second vampire came through the lounge with his own gear and loaded it into his own car. Vincent said goodbye and the other two vampires drove away.

"Okay guys," Vincent said to Charok and Winters. "I'll show you the files we have on our first facility." Vincent headed into the next room which was a small office, there were four computers and some other data analizing and proccessing eaquipment. "Our stuff's all on these three computers," Vincent pointed at three computers on one side of the room, "That computer and all that junk is for the engineers, we don't touch it often." Vincent pointed at the other side of the room were one computer was with a bunch of other machines.

"Let's take a look at our stuff," Vincent sat down at the first computer and started showing Charok and Winters all their data.

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