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Arc Musea

H'lena: What horrible thing? K'Warra, what is this Arc, anyway?

K'Warra: Come on. You're from a frame of time far ahead of me...and you haven't figured it out already?

H'lena: No. Just tell us, we're running out of time.

K'Warra: Where are we now, Sister?

H'lena: Tercutta Musea...

K'Warra: Come on. Where's Tercutta Musea? Have you ever been there before? Gone sightseeing there? Seen it on a map? Read about it in a book?

*H'lena is silent*

Woman: If I unlock the Arc...all that is around us shall perish.

H'lena: But...this King Veldimos who used it...

K'Warra: This legendary King Veldimos used the Arc and wiped out an army of millions, an army that covered an entire desert. What the legends didn't mention was that the army in question was actually two armies. One of them was his own.

Woman: The Arc must stay locked up. Each time it has been used, its power has increased, and one more use will put it out of all control. It can never be put back. You ask me to choose between the death of the length and breadth of everything I have ever known, versus eternal sleep for the entire universe. What would be your choice?



*The skyships, gliders, and Trael have joined forces, attacking Shunaria. Unfortunately, their missiles, magic blasts and laser bolts have about the same effect as throwing pebbles at an elephant.

Shunaria swallows one skyship whole*

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