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I am currently re-writing nwnnsscomp to make up for some shortcomings in it's command-line parser that make it difficult (or messy) to call from another program.

Back when I got the source, which was before I started on Kotor Tool, I didn't realize that only a simple un-checked option in my Visual Studio .NET installation was all that kept me from compiling it. Last night I managed to build the original source and get it to compile the nwscript.nss for Neverwinter Nights. I also did not realize that all it took was 4 lines of code had to be added or changed to make it work with KotOR to the point that I can build my KotOR scripts

This may be an ambitious effort, but if there are feature requests that anyone has, make them, and I'll see what I can do. Don't bother asking for a GUI, I have already addressed that in the version of Kotor Tool currently in development.
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