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I am looking for a good clan to join to share my SW BF experiences with.

Name on site: Capt. Kain

Name in game: Capt Kain

platform(s): PC

Position(s) you want to play: Assault Troop/Pilot/Jetpack Troop/ pretty much any position with teamwork.

Contact info:

Extra Info:
Have been playiing FPS since Doom came out. Had my own clan in Quake II. I love teamplay and section attacks. I am a good trooper to the cause looking to have a great time in teamwork in taking out the enemies with ease.
I am leaving this message hoping there is a clan out there that is recruiting for good teamplay with comms on TS/Vent.
I am located in Canada along the eastern coast. My Time Zone is AST. I am pretty much on almost any night between 6-9PM EST though. And on during day on weekends when I can.

XFire: CaptKain
Jedi of the Stars on Intrepid.
Killer Clone Trooper in Battlefront.
Star Wars fan since '80
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