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I only disagree w/ one thing. If all your best Rebel players are in speeders the AT-AT's don't stand a chance. Then after they're taken down the speeders can mow down troops at Imperial CP's until the AT-AT's respawn. Also, if your speeder CP gets captured, get as many people to go Vanguard as you can to take down the walkers....if it's possible on Rhen Var it's possible on Hoth.

Originally posted by Kenobii
To win Hoth:

As Empire
Keep your AT-AT's very close together (this will best protect them from tow-cable attacks) and make your way to the energy shield. Take out the CP that hosts the speeders ASAP. The most efficient way to do this is to attack the closest CP from the start of the game and work your way thru the rebel base. If you find the team your going against is using no teamwork whatsoever, try steeling a tong-tong (sp) and run towards the main hanger door. Once you have taken over the hanger, make sure the rebels dont take it back. Also, be sure you dont loose your starting CP in this process (where the AT-ST's spawn). It's good to keep a steady flow of AT-ST's on the battlefield. The key is to take these CP as fast as possible.

As Rebels
Defend your hanger as best as you can. You will want to take over the far Imperial CP asap so you can stop the spawning of more AT-ST's. It would be great if you could steal one also but your first objective would be to take that CP. Hold your bunkers strong. If you loose the bunker on the same side as the shield generator, no big loss but dont loose the bunker that connects to the hanger or you will be in for a long day fighting in the hallways of Echo Base. Be sure you have a strong ground attack before your whole team runs for speeders. If you best players are all in speeders you will loose. Stopping the Empire from taking the hanger and bunkers is your ultimate key to victory. If the shield generator gets destroyed in the process, its no big deal. Better to protect Echo Base and steel that AT-ST spawning CP.

If anyone would like to add or disagree with this, by all away.

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