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11:25 PM - Day 1


Anthony looked back at Neovenom, "Well the vampire scouts are in groups of two, and theres six of us, I think we not only have the element of surprise but we also have more manpower. If we do this quickly and properly there won't be a chance for the vampires. But if it does get messy just keep your head down and use your radio, we'll be able to get them from all sides and sincronize attacks. I think we're more than well eaquipped for this easy mission."

Anthony stopped at a ladder heading up, "Okay, we walk the rest on the city level, it's only a couple more blocks."

Anthony climbed the ladder and the others followed, after removing the manhole they emerged in an abandoned alley and started towards the safe house.


"This is the data we've been collecting for years on all our facilites. The first place we're going to check out is a warehouse were some of our goods have been stolen. We already have the police checking it out and we need to find out what they've found out, then come back here and enter what we find in the computer." Vincent said to Winters.

"Okay, lets go. We won't need much of our gear, just a data pad to put whatever information we find out until we get back." Vincent headed back into the lounge and got a data pad out of one of the bags, then headed into the girage, "Got your guns? Get in."

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