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*K'Warra laughs*

K'Warra: I wish you good luck with that.

H'lena: What is she talking about, K'Warra?

K'Warra: Do I have to spell it out for you? We're right smack in the center of the Deadlands, sister. Before they were 'dead'. Blast radius? The size of one and a half continents. And permanent. Unless the Deadlands have gone away in however many millennia have - will have - passed by before your frame of time.

H'lena: That's impossible. The past cannot be changed. We did not create the Deadlands. Thus we cannot---

K'Warra: Welcome to reality, H'lena! This is how fate works. One way or another, this will happen. Fate doesn't care who does it. It might as well be us.

H'lena: How will we survive this, let alone these people? No life, no magic, exists in the Deadlands.

K'Warra: That's an irrelevant question. I'll probably survive. You, well, I don't know how you've lived so long, but your friends...they're all dead. No chance they'll survive. Not even Drago. Sorry.

*Looking at the others* What? You came here to save the multiverse. This is how you save the multiverse. There's no other way.

H'lena: There is always another way. Always.



*Shunaria roars, shaking the earth. The dragon is engulfed in flames.

Far down on the ground, in a patch of grass, lies a small pinpoint of firey light, the Phoenix Gate activating itself again.*

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