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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
the players who dont want to be abused by admin mods can play on servers that dont have the extra rules. that is the whole nature of having both. i dont see what the problem is, having both sounds win-win.
Again, if you read my post, I explain why that doesn't work.

1. The "honor" servers use coercion, humilation, and peer-pressure to convince new players that their way is the "right" way to play, and only "noobs" are "lamers". If they don't want to be a "noob", they need to learn and obey "the rules" that beetlebz listed. The new players are mostly kids who want to "fit in" and who are very suceptible to peer-pressure. They don't know that those "rules" are phony and made-up, especially if the last 3 servers they went to had similar rules. That causes the "honor" code follower's numbers to grow and the number of "honor" servers to increase, making it even more likely that the majority of servers that new AND veteran players will find are "honor" servers. It becomes a positive-feedback vicious cycle.

2. The "honor" players will go to "normal" servers and start whining and crying about "laming" and "chatkilling", often with lots of profanity and insults. They try to peer-pressure everyone into playing "the right way" according to their "rules".

By contrast, the "normal" players have no admin commands to humiliate "honor" players with. If an "honor" player starts crying and cursing about "laming", the other players might say "leave if you don't like it" but they don't try to intimidate and brainwash people. They are usually too busy playing and having fun, not obsessing about following and\or enforcing "rules" or "maintaining order".

Your theory of peaceful co-existence could work only if "honor" players didn't abuse players and brainwash new players to their way of playing, and if they didn't go to other servers and try to evangelize players to their way of thinking. But those things are exactly what "honor" players do.

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