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Sounds like one solution to the problem would be to have someone start a server with two areas on it. One "Honor", one "Standard", and have them labeled such (telling players EXACTLY what's expected inside). With one concrete rule......anyone complaining about the rules gets booted. "Honor" people wouldn't be able to "whine", or try to "evangelize" new players. "Standard" people wouldn't be able to flame "Honor" people for having "Phony Rules". Like I said before I've never played "Out There" with all of you vets, but I still like the idea of PLAYER kept "Honor" systems. Like the one on my network, someone violates "Honor rules" and everyone attacks them. People who are interested in "Honor playing" will keep the "Rules" automatically without NEEDING admins, and "Standard" players will think its not fun and go the the "Standard" servers. If they start "whining" about it (either side), it gets them booted and they won't be fighting about it anymore. I don't really think anyone will like this idea, so I doubt it will be implemented. People like fighting otherwise we wouldn't have FPS games .

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